Micro Campers

Truly the best of both worlds…beautiful campervan conversions in a vehicle small enough to be your day to day runaround.

At The Secret Van Man we believe our micro campers to be some of the best in the UK. Our bespoke, handcrafted conversions are one of a kind headturners. From border guards to mechanics, our vans catch compliments wherever they go!

Not only are the vans easy on the eye, they’re also highly practical. All micro campers come complete with:

  • Solar panel
  • Leisure battery
  • USB chargers 
  • Lights
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen worktop space with tap, sink & running water
  • L shape sofa that serves as a single berth or pulls out to a double in under 30 seconds

All electrical works are carried out by a professional auto technician, using Victron parts. (the market leader in solar equipment)

You can be sure of a great nights sleep on our luxury sofa foam, covered by professional upholsterers in our local area. The clever slide out design of the seating area makes up a small double bed in no time.

Finally, let us say this: if you’ve come this far you’re probably of the agreement some holidays don’t need to be foreign. They also don’t need to be stressful, logistical nightmares with toiletry planning & jet lag. The Secret Van Man Ltd is here to help you discover the wild adventures & amazing memories that can be had on a holiday, or even just a weekend, closer to home. Our vans may not be no carbon (just yet, though electric vans are heading our way soon!) but compared to a long haul flight they’re practically saintly.